About Us

The Pineland Striders are well into our 5th decade of welcoming runners of all ages and abilities. We love to run: some of us like to run fast, some of us like to mix in some walking, but all of us like to have fun. It’s the latter over the former that makes us unique. We offer something for everyone.

We have group training runs that range from just a few miles to 20+ mile long runs for marathoners. Our members include trail runners, road runners, and triathletes. Some of us run in shoes, and some prefer bare feet. No runner is left behind and we embrace all speeds and paces.

We meet in South Jersey, serving primarily the Burlington and Camden County areas. The majority of members coming from Medford, Mt. Laurel, Marlton, Pemberton, Browns Mills, and Mt. Misery. Our purpose is to provide an organization where runners can meet with other runners of all abilities to train, exchange information, provide support and develop fellowship and camaraderie.


President: Bob Zmirich (president@pinelandstriders.com)

Vice-President: Fran Harrelson Dombrosky (vp@pinelandstriders.com)

Treasurer: Joe Bruckner (treasurer@pinelandstriders.com)

Secretary: Kurt Foster (secretary@pinelandstriders.com)